ATRIEV Never Stops

Rafael Sitting in front of his computer with hands on the keyboard

“Once a teacher, forever a student.” Learning is a life-long process and it does not stop on the place where I am. Even if there is a distraction in my

Mark Anthony Lozada

Mark Anthony Lozada grew up in one of the cities where poverty exists. He studied in a public elementary and high school. Then, he completed his electrical technology and engineering

Rimar Joe Reynado

Rimar Joe Reynado, also known as “Jake”, is a computer technician by profession and a holder of Teaching Methodology Certificate Level I and National Certificate Level II under Computer Hardware

Stephanie Senin

Stephanie Senin, born with low vision, paper and pen were her means for studying from primary school up to college. When her sight deteriorated due to glaucoma, she enhanced her

John Sebastian Procoro Masbad

Blind since birth due to microphthalmia, John Sebastian Procoro Masbad or Justin for Short had to move from one primary school to another due to his visual impairment. His mother

Jaelene Cristel Mina

Jaelene Cristel Mina, totally blind due to Glaucoma, hails from Pangasinan. She learned the Microsoft productivity suite when she joined ATRIEV’s PC Operations training in 2013 sponsored by Liliane Fonds.

Beverly Bravo

Beverly Bravo

Beverly Bravo is low vision since birth due to Corneal Leukoma. She was part of ATRIEV’s digital training for kids sponsored by Liliane Fonds when she was only 12 years

Ebenchito Pabia

Ebenchito “Chito” Pabia is ATRIEV’s Chief Training Instructor. Though low vision since birth, Chito completed his course on associate degree in Computer technology at the Asia Pacific College through the

Maria Asuncion Abiva-Cruz

Ms. Marion Cruz

An educator since 1985, Maria Asuncion “Marion” Abiva-Cruz has served in different capacities in the field of education as preschool teacher, School Directress, educational consultant, and resource speaker for teacher

Dr. Cornelia Soto

Dr. Cornelia Soto

Dr. Cornelia Soto is currently the Chairperson of the Department of Education of Ateneo de Manila University. She earned her doctorate degree in Research and Evaluation at the University of