We restore hope. We transform lives.

Give the blind the gift of sight through technology. You can help ATRIEV continue its mission of transforming the lives of the blind through assistive technology. Send a blind person to our various IT-enabled training programs so that they can become positive contributors to our society.

Share Your Treasure

Share your blessings by helping us send more students with visual impairment or other disabilities to the training. You can donate by checking ATRIEV Bank Accounts.

Share The Technology

If you have iPhones, Android devices or laptops that you do not use, consider giving the gadgets to the blind. Your gadgets will be used in our training programs in the provinces. We can also choose a blind trainee who deserves to have his/her own gadget.

Share Your Talent

If you have skills, talent or expertise in technology, teaching, counseling or fund raising, you can volunteer in our various activities. You will learn to work with a team of enthusiastic and hardworking visually impaired persons and have an enriching experience.

Share Your Time

Find time to visit our website and our social media handles and help us spread the word. By simply sharing our page, you might be able to touch the heart of someone in need.