Basic ICT for SPED – Android

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Course Description

Basic ICT for SPED is a six-day online training that will teach you how to assist your learners with visual impairment with their studies using assistive technology specifically Android devices.

If you are a SPED teacher, receiving teacher, ALS teacher, or any personnel from institutions that caters to persons with visual impairment and other disabilities, this training is definitely for you.

Course Qualifications

Participants of this course should be one the following:

  • SPED Teacher
  • Receiving Teacher
  • Rehabilitation Center Personnel
  • Any person dealing or interacting with persons with visual impairment

Course Content

Teach your VI learners how to:

  • Navigate an Android device using Talkback screen reader.
  • Read PDF files using the reading gestures.
  • Type using an onscreen keyboard.
  • Use accessible Android applications such as calculator, dictionary, periodic table, and more.

Join Us

Learn from our visually impaired trainers at comforts of your home. Interact with other passionate teachers like you. Be surprise of what your visually impaired learner can achieve through assistive technology.

Hear from our Previous Participants

Ms. Lea Famor

Lea Famor

On the first day of our training, I was amazed because our trainer and moderator are both visually impaired yet they can use the gadgets well more than me. They are generous and patient in training us in the topic.

Read more about Ms. Lea’s experience during the training.

Ms. Mary Ann Perdon

Mary Anne Perdon

fruitful, informative and beneficial to both teachers and to learners with visual impairment as the main recipient of the training.  Thank you very much ATRIEV for conducting such training for teachers.

Read more about Ms. Mary Anne’s experience during the training.

Gertie Joy Delos Reyes

I interacted with different people during the Basic ICT session. On our session training program, I deepened my understanding of the content about ICT and application/software given by our speaker on how to use it and implement to mu students.

Read more about Ms. Gertie’s experiences during the training.

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