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Cover image of Basic ICT for SPED teacher training.

Basic ICT for SPED Teachers training Announcement

Have you not attended the Basic ICT for SPED Teachers training yet? In partnership with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), ATRIEV will conduct a free 5-day training for Basic ICT (Windows) for SPED Teachers, ALS, or rehabilitation specialists for persons with visual impairment. The said training will be from May 20-24, 2019,… Continue Reading Basic ICT for SPED Teachers training Announcement

Image of ICS Summer 2019

ICS Summer 2019 Announcement

Nakapasa ka ba sa ATRIEV’s Access Technology in Popular Applications, PC Operations with Access Technology, o Digital Literacy Training programs? Gusto mo bang matutong gumawa ng website? Invited ka na mag-join sa 40-day training ng Intro to Computer Science. Dito ka matututo mag-develop ng web pages at mag-audit ng accessibility ng website’s. Hindi lang ‘yan,… Continue Reading ICS Summer 2019 Announcement

The Day I Found ATRIEV

Image of Edrian Delos Reyes smiling and text.

ATRIEV is Where I Belong

by Edrian delos Reyes “You are blind now! Accept it and go on with your life!” I said that line to myself numerous times, but it wasn’t that easy. It was hard for me to accept that I’m a visually impaired now. My life changed and I just couldn’t keep up with the changes. Even… Continue Reading ATRIEV is Where I Belong

Photo of Yvette smiling and text.

Turning Point of Being Blind

by Yvette Amistad, ATRIEV Trainer since 2015 “Lord, Help me. This is not the life I’ve wanted and dreamt of.” I felt stuck and fed up of the heavy responsibilities of looking after my cousins. I cried so hard and prayed on bended knees. I hoped to be more productive and not just to stay… Continue Reading Turning Point of Being Blind


Writing For The Web Training

This course aims to teach persons with visual or mobility impairments the basics of writing various content for various online platforms such as social media, blogs and articles. Training graduates will be referred to partner companies for qualifying examination and ultimately, for employment.

Cover image of Digital Literacy Training (DLT)

Digital Literacy Training (DLT)

DLT PROVIDES BASIC TRAINING ON THE USE OF MS Office applications in tandem with a screen reader or screen magnification software. Classes are held Mondays through Saturdays for 40 days. conducted The Digital Literacy Training is patterned after the Microsoft DLT curriculum.

Cover image of Introduction To Computer Science

Introduction To Computer Science (ICS)

This course provides training on Basic website development and design using HTML and CSS, JavaScript programming and web accessibility audit using a screen reader program. Classes are held Mondays through Saturdays for 40 days. Visually impaired students who passed the Digital Literacy Training and intend to take technology-related tracks in Senior high school and in… Continue Reading Introduction To Computer Science (ICS)

Cover image of General Transcription Training

General Transcription training

The General Transcription training is for ATRIEV graduates of the DLT course or its equivalent. The training consists of basic typing, listening and transcribing skills to meet industry standards.

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