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Are you a visually impaired who wants to learn the power of assistive technology and improve your life? Or a teacher who wants to help your learners by educating yourself about technology? Or perhaps an I.T. professional or a personnel who deals or interacts with a person with visual impairment? If you answer yes to any of these questions, join our trainings now.

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Are you someone who has an extra gadget or device you don’t use? Or someone with talents or skills that you want to share? Or perhaps someone who has an extra penny to spend? Help us empower more persons with visual impairment by sharing your treasure, talent, or technology with us.

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Are you in need of transcriber for your meetings, interviews, or focused group discussions? Or a company, school, or any institutions in need of a web accessibility tester for your websites and other digital products? Or perhaps someone who wants to improve your presentation skills? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, check-out our services now and find the right one you need.

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Black text on a yellow-gold background that says, "Announcement of Newly elected and Re-elected Members of ATRIEV Board of Trustees

Congratulations to our Newly Elected Board of Trustees!

ATRIEV had always held the election of the bord of trusties in high regard. Every two years ATRIEV conducts its general assembly and the general population of ATRIEV chooses the leaders for the next years. But due to the global pandemic, ATRIEV was forced to postpone it last year. But most of the events now […]

A quote card that says Introducing eATRIEV: ATRIEV Trainings Go Online

Introducing eATRIEV: ATRIEV Trainings Go Online

The Normal For over 25 years ATRIEV have conducted countless trainings and workshops for the visually impaired and their communities. Staff and trainers go to different cities and provinces to make assistive technology more accessible. This has been ATRIEV’s routine ever since. Thinking of ways on how to empower the visually impaired through the use […]

Erick Marco Ramos

Gratitude Beyond Measure

I had just finished a class via  teleconferencing and had an exchange of ideas and files with group mates, one in China and another in the United States) via Microsoft Teams. I was winding down by checking E-mails and peeking at my class discussion boards on our University’s learning  management system. As I was closing […]