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Photo image of Ms. Mariel Valbuena in Sitel Philippines

Sitel Academy Plust ATRIEV 2018

In memories of one of the most hardworking, versatile and inspiring family member of ATRIEV, Ms. Mariel Valbuena. To the family, please accept our heartfelt condolences for your loss. This might be a very tough time for you but we hope that you will find the comfort and love you seek through our prayers. To… Continue Reading Sitel Academy Plust ATRIEV 2018

Cover image of English Language Communication Training

English Language Communication Training Announcement!

Do you want to improve your language skills in English grammar and usage? If so, you are invited to attend a 25-day English Language Communication Training. This course aims to prepare you for possible call center, web writing and transcription job opportunities. When: August 20, 2019 to September 18, 2019; 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM,… Continue Reading English Language Communication Training Announcement!

Photo image of Mr. President Rodrigo Duterte and Mr. Peter Wallace

PRRD and Peter Wallace

Congratulations to ATRIEV Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Peter Wallace on his appointment to DTI’s Ease of Doing Business. We know that you can do so much for our country. Photo and caption from the Philippine News Agency PRRD and Peter Wallace

ATRIEV Board Remir Romualdo with representatives from OrCam, Aboitiz Foundation, St. Joseph Foundation and the 5 beneficiary institutions after the MOA signing.

“OrCam: Breakthrough Assistive Device Now In ATRIEV”

True to its name and slogan of “Creating vision beyond sight” – the Adaptive Technology for Rehabilitation, Integration and Empowerment of the Visually Impaired (ATRIEV) recently signed on June 13 a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to become one of the six organizations as beneficiaries of the 25 OrCam MyEye 2.0 from Aboitiz Group’s Corporate Social… Continue Reading “OrCam: Breakthrough Assistive Device Now In ATRIEV”

How A Teacher Change My Life

Image contain Ms. Michelle and text.

Someone Who Believed in Me

Teachers could influence their students in countless ways. They may either bring a positive effect or a negative effect on them. Even at a very young age, it was evident that I already had the passion and inclination in music. I had been dreaming to become a singer since then. My mom attempted to enroll… Continue Reading Someone Who Believed in Me

Image of Ms. Beverly smiling and text.

A teacher who believed in me

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong in a certain place? Or ever doubted your abilities because of how society sees you? I have, but that changed when I met her. The woman who believed in me more than I believe in myself. It was the first day of my class in high school.… Continue Reading A teacher who believed in me

The Day I Found ATRIEV

Image of Edrian Delos Reyes smiling and text.

ATRIEV is Where I Belong

by Edrian delos Reyes “You are blind now! Accept it and go on with your life!” I said that line to myself numerous times, but it wasn’t that easy. It was hard for me to accept that I’m a visually impaired now. My life changed and I just couldn’t keep up with the changes. Even… Continue Reading ATRIEV is Where I Belong

Photo of Yvette smiling and text.

Turning Point of Being Blind

by Yvette Amistad, ATRIEV Trainer since 2015 “Lord, Help me. This is not the life I’ve wanted and dreamt of.” I felt stuck and fed up of the heavy responsibilities of looking after my cousins. I cried so hard and prayed on bended knees. I hoped to be more productive and not just to stay… Continue Reading Turning Point of Being Blind

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Give the blind the gift of sight through technology. You can help ATRIEV continue its mission of transforming the lives of the blind through assistive technology.