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Our Partners in sight, Partners in Deed

Twenty-five years ago, one blind pastor had a vision of using technology so that blind people can lead better lives. So he started a computer training in DOS right in his own backyard which eventually was institutionalized as Adaptive Technology for the Rehabilitation, Integration and Empowerment of the Visually Impaired Incorporated also known by its… Continue Reading Our Partners in sight, Partners in Deed

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Making A Difference With AI

AI in Mobile Legends is something that I can beat up easily, but with Microsoft’s AI for Accessibility Hackathon, wherein more than 400 individuals over 8 countries across Asia Pacific participated, AI is going to become a tool to overcome accessibility challenges for people with disabilities. Microsoft Philippines focused on accessibility issues connected to visual… Continue Reading Making A Difference With AI

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Basic ICT (Windows and Word) for SPED Teachers Training 2019

Enrollment for Basic ICT for Teachers Training is now open ATRIEV will conduct a 5-day training for the teachers of special education, alternative learning system, or rehabilitation specialists for persons with visual impairment. This training teaches the participants on how to use a computer (particularly Microsoft Windows OS and Microsoft Word application in tandem with… Continue Reading Basic ICT (Windows and Word) for SPED Teachers Training 2019

Image contains participants from the different organizations attended the event.

White Cane Safety Day Celebration 2019

Where It All Started For centuries around the world, cane, staff or stick was used to guide blind people in their travels. It was used to alert them of the obstacles in their paths. The use of white cane was claimed to have started in 1921 which was attributed to James Briggs, a Bristol photographer… Continue Reading White Cane Safety Day Celebration 2019

How A Teacher Change My Life

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The Mentor Who Changed My Life

by Charles Gabriel Allana Mentoring is an effective method of helping inexperienced individuals develop and progress in their life. Merriam Webster dictionary defines mentor as a trusted counsellor or guide. Who helps and guides another individual’s development. This two verses also define mentoring: Proverbs 27:17 iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Romans 15:14… Continue Reading The Mentor Who Changed My Life

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The Values My Teacher Taught Me

by Joyce Ann Vivas A quote says, “The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts but of values.” This was the lesson I’ve learned from the teacher who changed my life. It was on my second year high-school when I met this teacher, Mrs. Liwanag she was my Values Education teacher then. That… Continue Reading The Values My Teacher Taught Me

The Day I Found ATRIEV

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A Star Gate to Success

by John Sebastian Procoro Masbad Ask a child about his dream and he will tell you such hopeful words, “I want to be an engineer,” or “I want to become a pilot,” or “I wish I could be an astronaut.” How does a child come up with those professions that he does not know the… Continue Reading A Star Gate to Success

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A New found Family

by Nerikka Escario The family could be your greatest strength in times of problems but they can also be the one who will let you down and be your weakness. I was in my darkest hour back then when my sister said “Ano girl, pabigat na tayo ah?” I knew that was a joke so… Continue Reading A New found Family

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