Congratulations to our Newly Elected Board of Trustees!

Black text on a yellow-gold background that says, "Announcement of Newly elected and Re-elected Members of ATRIEV Board of Trustees

ATRIEV had always held the election of the bord of trusties in high regard. Every two years ATRIEV conducts its general assembly and the general population of ATRIEV chooses the leaders for the next years. But due to the global pandemic, ATRIEV was forced to postpone it last year.

But most of the events now are being held online so ATRIEV decided to do the same. The trainers used their mastery of technology and the staff’s unrelenting help to find a way for the election to be conducted online. Through their joined efforts, we’re proud to say that the election had been a smashing success!

So, let’s welcome the new members of ATRIEV’s bord of trusties.

President – Mr. Jose “Ching” Rañola

Vice President – Mr. Remir Romualdo

Secretary – Ms. Celia Garcia

Assistant Secretary – Ms. Rhea Guntalilib

Treasurer – Dr. Sheila Jimenez

Auditor – Mr. Erwin Magno

Other members of the Board:

Ms. Marta Hernandez

Mr. Severino “Joey” Reyes, III

Dr. Alfonso Loreto

With the new board members, ATRIEV continues the journey in making the society more inclusive through technology.

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