Digital Business Basics

Digital Business Basics Training

Course Description

Digital Business Basics is a 14-day online training where you can learn how to start your own business or level-up your existing business with the power of technology and social media.

Course Qualifications

Participants of this course must:

  • be a visually impaired or a person with other disabilities.
  • at least be a high school level student.
  • at least be 18 years old and above.
  • have familiarity in using an Android device.

Course Content

In this training, learn:

  • basic social media marketing.
  • starting a business such as fund sourcing, pricing and costing.
  • Branding and identifying your target market.
  • Using applications such as Shopee and Canva for a better product presentation.
  • Using online payment system like GCash.
  • Utilizing delivery modes like Lalamove.
  • Promoting your product with social media like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Managing your earnings through financial literacy.

Join Us

This training is not just open for persons with disability but also for their parents or guardians. Join our training and start making your dream business a reality.

Hear from our Previous Participants

Eliza Lorica

I will apply all the knowledge, skills, and some applications that I gained by putting up my own online selling business. I’m gonna use this knowledge and skills for it to grow and to scale up. I believe that if I would do all the things that I’ve learned from this training, I will be one of the most successful businesswoman in the online industry.

Read more about Eliza’s story.

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