Android Accessibility

Android Accessibility Training for the Visually Impaired

Course Description

Android Accessibility Training is a 10-day online training that teaches a person with visual impairment on how to use Android device with the help of Talkback screen reader.

Whether you’ll use it for school, work, or daily living, this training would surely help you.

Course Qualifications

Participants of this course must:

  • be a visually impaired
  • be at least in high school level
  • have their own Android device
  • have a stable internet connection

Course Content

  • Introduction to Talkback and Android
  • Basic Talkback navigation
  • Six angle gestures
  • Onscreen keyboard
  • Downloading and installing applications
  • Emailing
  • Accessible applications

Join Us

With the advent of technology, visually impaired can now use what persons without disability use. Join our interactive training, learn how to use a touch screen Android device, and be in with the trend.

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