Digital Content Creation

Digital Content Creation Training

Course Description

Digital Content Creation is a 30-day online training that aims to teach persons with disabilities the basics of writing different digital content for various online platforms such as social media, blogs and articles that they can use in building business or working online, right in the comfort of their homes.

Course Qualifications

Participants of this course must:

  • be a visually impaired or other persons with diabilities.
  • at least be in high school level.
  • have their own laptop/Desktop.
  • have a stable internet connection.

Course Content

  • Writing
    • Introduction to Digital Content (Written content, Image, Video & Audio)
    • Writing for the Web: An Introduction
    • Knots and Bolts of Writing
    • Writing a blog
    • Writing and rewriting
  • Social Media
    • Introduction to Visuals
    • Medium Shot Picture
    • Creating a Facebook Page
    • Knowing your target market
    • branding
  • WordPress
    • Writing for your Website
    • Creating WordPress Account
    • Customizing your own web page using WordPress
  • YouTube
    • Writing for online videos
    • Shooting a Video
    • Uploading your video on youtube
  • Audio
    • Introduction to Audio Content
    • Podcast
    • Introduction to Audacity as audio Editor
    • Uploading your own podcast using sound cloud

Join Us

The internet has endless opportunities for those who are willing to learn and explore. Create content that you love and turn it into a kind of content that connects to people. Have fun while learning from our dedicated trainers and produce web contents that actually work.

Hear from our Previous Participants

Wendel Biala

I enjoyed really is the games, the talking, and the approach of the teachers before the class starts. They are joining us in our topics and everything. During the class however, I really enjoy the sharing part. Through this, I learn something from other classmates and I give other information that makes my other classmates learn as well. I learn, we learn!

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Claryss Aquino

I learned a lot in this training but one of the things that really stayed with me is how I could push beyond my boundaries but still enjoying what I do at the same time. Out trainers are ever so supportive of our works and it’s one of the things that I really love.

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Danelle Melgar

I learned a lot from this training, starting from writing different kinds or types of articles. I remember before I joined this training. I was afraid to write articles or stories because I always thought about what other people would say.

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