ATRIEV is a nonprofit organization that was put up by a group of blind computer enthusiasts to break barriers and go beyond the so called limitations of persons with visual impairment. Through assistive technology, we’ve opened paths for blind and sight-impaired to access higher education and mainstream employment.

In 25 years of implementing our transformative programs,, we’ve produced many first for the visually impaired. But with all honesty, can you even imagine a blind thriving in the field of information technology? Well, to solidify these statements, just view the profiles of the first software developer, first search engine optimization manager, first medical transcriptionist, first recruitment specialist, first blind computer trainers, contact center agents, virtual assistants, cross-sell agents, sales associates, and content writers.

All that became possible through our quality computer education, but technology is only a tool. ATRIEV also focuses on what’s inside the blind person when we conduct life skills workshops, personality development workshops, and work ethics.

With us, as the world of technology advances, no blind will be left behind!


Achieving a fully inclusive society for persons with visual impairment and other disabilities.


To provide Information Communication Technology-based programs and services for the empowerment and inclusion of persons with visual impairment and other disabilities.