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Writing For The Web Training

This course aims to teach persons with visual or mobility impairments the basics of writing various content for various online platforms such as social media, blogs and articles. Training graduates will be referred to partner companies for qualifying examination and ultimately, for employment.

Cover image of Digital Literacy Training (DLT)

Digital Literacy Training (DLT)

DLT PROVIDES BASIC TRAINING ON THE USE OF MS Office applications in tandem with a screen reader or screen magnification software. Classes are held Mondays through Saturdays for 40 days. conducted The Digital Literacy Training is patterned after the Microsoft DLT curriculum.

Cover image of Introduction To Computer Science

Introduction To Computer Science (ICS)

This course provides training on Basic website development and design using HTML and CSS, JavaScript programming and web accessibility audit using a screen reader program. Classes are held Mondays through Saturdays for 40 days. Visually impaired students who passed the Digital Literacy Training and intend to take technology-related tracks in Senior high school and in… Continue Reading Introduction To Computer Science (ICS)

Cover image of General Transcription Training

General Transcription training

The General Transcription training is for ATRIEV graduates of the DLT course or its equivalent. The training consists of basic typing, listening and transcribing skills to meet industry standards.

Cover image of the Training The Trainer program

Training The Trainer Program

A more concrete means of advocating for the visually impaired is by producing trainers particularly in teaching the blind how to use computers as a replication of ATRIEV’s work. By training parents and teachers, the use of computers through the eyes of the blind, more students will be reached and more blind persons can benefit… Continue Reading Training The Trainer Program

10-day Windows Appreciation Course

This is a course teaching learners with visual, hearing and intellectual impairments basic skills on computer through assistive technology and differentiated instruction. It is a preparatory training that aims to help them for education and enhance their computer skills for future potential for advance learning and work.

10-day Android Accessibility Training

The course is designed to teach learners with visual, hearing and intellectual impairments with at least primary education, the basics of using assistive technology and educational apps of Android devices.

Social Media Marketing

This training teaches participants with visual, hearing or mobility impairments to maximize the use of social media in marketing products and services. An advanced module provides basic skills in finding online work.