Web Accessibility Auditing

Accessibility is when a product or service can be accessed by everyone regardless of disability. That includes websites and web applications. Contrary to what most people knew about persons with… Read More »Web Accessibility Auditing


If you need print or digital copies of your focused group discussions, conference recordings or business meetings, let ATRIEV do the job for you. ATRIEV is an NGO that has… Read More »Transcription

Presentation Skills Workshop

Public speaking is a learned skill. To speak well requires practice. The ability to speak confidently in front of groups is a valuable asset whether in school or at work.… Read More »Presentation Skills Workshop

Disability Sensitivity Workshop

The disability sensitivity workshops are intended for professionals dealing with the visually impaired (I.E. social workers, teachers, police, security guards, health workers, transport sector, employers, school administrators and student body,… Read More »Disability Sensitivity Workshop

Technology Demo

Demonstration of how the blind use computers to perform various tasks. Designed for employers, school officials, and the public.