Disability Sensitivity Workshop

The disability sensitivity workshops are intended for professionals dealing with the visually impaired (I.E. social workers, teachers, police, security guards, health workers, transport sector, employers, school administrators and student body, etc.) And for parents of visually impaired persons. The disability sensitivity workshops cover basic do’s and don’ts in interacting with persons with disabilities in general and with visually impaired persons, in particular.

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Technology Demo

Demonstration of how the blind use computers to perform various tasks. Designed for employers, school officials, and the public.

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Presentation Skills Workshop

Public speaking is a learned skill. To speak well requires practice. The ability to speak confidently in front of groups is a valuable asset whether in school or at work.

This practice-oriented module will give participants the opportunity to develop and strengthen their skills in preparing and presenting public oral presentations in a variety of situations. Speaking clearly and comfortably in public is valuable and is often an essential skill to possess. We will develop those public speaking skills through actual performance, starting from group presentations, dyads and finally, individual presentations.

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Freelancing Workshop for Persons with Disability

ATRIEV reaches out to more persons with disabilities in different communities for the conduct of a 10-day community base training on digital entrepreneurship entitled “Freelancing workshop for Persons with Disabilities” module. The module uses Facebook and other social media platforms as a marketing tool for the products and services of persons with disabilities. Given the vast online opportunities, persons with disabilities must take advantage of such opportunities as well as the available technologies in order to increase their income.

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