Wendell Biala

What I’ve learned from this training is most of all, charity. Charity not in the way that we give material help, but also giving the help that we can, to those people who needs it, such our knowledge in a specific part of the training and other help that we can offer. Also, we learned some tips in doing an effective writing for our own digital content. In connection to that, creating our own audio and video content is also taught that enables to put something on our different platforms such as Soundcloud and Youtube. We also learned how to promote our works through social media which is very helpful and creating our own website on WordPress. Those are the wonderful this organization taught us and we really learned not only something, but a lot, we’ve learned a lot!

I enjoyed really is the games, the talkings, and the approach of the teachers before the class starts. They are joining us in our topics and everything. During the class however, I really enjoy the sharing part. Through this, I learn something from other classmates and I give other informations that makes my other classmates learn as well. I learn, we learn!

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