Eliza Lorica

I am planning to put up my own online selling business, but I don’t know how to start and what are the things to do and to be considered. That is why when the first time that I’ve heard Digital Business Basic Training, I was very excited because I know that this is the solution to my problem. So, I didn’t waste my time and I immediately signed up the registration form.

During the training period, I’ve encountered some difficulties in navigating the inaccessible applications such as Shopee and Canva. I also had a hard time in making my business logo and cover photo using the Canva application. I felt so bad and worried at that time because I have no sighted people that could help me. And even though I had, it was still hard for me, because I couldn’t explain the conceptualization of my logo to the people because of the language barrier. I was very thankful that a friend of mine helped me doing this online. I’ve realized that It’s hard to run an online business without the help of sighted people. Especially in the graphics stuff.
The whole training was fun and interesting. But, the topics that I’ve enjoyed the most are Building and navigating the Facebook page, modes of delivery, product listing, business start-up, Costing and Pricing, and most especially, Branding. Why? Because these topics could help me to be successful in my online selling business. the knowledge that I gained with these topics is very useful and significant.

I’m so grateful for this training because I’ve learned lots of knowledge and significant lessons. But the most important things that I’ve learned are:
1. I’ve learned some applications that I wasn’t familiar which could help me to improve the business that I’m planning to put up.
2. I’ve learned to be patient more. Why? We had lots of activities that are not accessible, to the point that I almost quit. However, I’ve realized that if I would surrender, I will never be successful in the business that I’m planning to put up. I’ve realized that this is just the stepping stone for me to achieve my dreams to have an online business.

I will apply all the knowledge, skills, and some applications that I gained by putting up my own online selling business. I’m gonna use this knowledge and skills for it to grow and to scale up. I believe that if I would do all the things that I’ve learned from this training, I will be one of the most successful businesswoman in the online industry.

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