Guia Rabacca

Guia Rabacca

As an occupational therapist in the Community-Based Rehabilitation Program, I used to pride myself on already being aware about the various aspects of our environment that facilitate of hinder the

Feye Roderos

Feye Roderos

I learned the characteristics that make a document accessible – scannability, searchability, legibility, and readability. The training also provided insightful tips and practical ways to apply these characteristics to each

Danelle Melgar

I learned a lot from this training, starting from writing different kinds or types of articles. I remember before I joined this training. I was afraid to write articles or

Claryss Aquino

I learned a lot in this training but one of the things that really stayed with me is how I could push beyond my boundaries but still enjoying what I

Wendell Biala

What I’ve learned from this training is most of all, charity. Charity not in the way that we give material help, but also giving the help that we can, to

Eliza Lorica

I am planning to put up my own online selling business, but I don’t know how to start and what are the things to do and to be considered. That

Gian Paolo Carillaga

Dear ATRIEV, Norfil and Microsoft corp, thank you for sponsorship and now I have 3 finish course DLT (Digital Literecy Training) General Transcription and ICS( Introduction to Computer Science) Thank

Mary Grace Campang

Words are not enough to express my thankfulness in the Organizations who support the Intro to Computer Science training for the community of Visually Impaired, without you these could never