Mary Grace Campang

Words are not enough to express my thankfulness in the Organizations who support the Intro to Computer Science training for the community of Visually Impaired, without you these could never been happened, to the Faculty and Board members of ATRIEV I am greatly thankful for the opportunity to join, for believing in Us and expanding your support and assistance to us, you continuously looking ways to keep going on to your advocacies by tapping in different Industries to support and believe in our Skills.

I am truly blessed or shall I say “We” to Microsoft Corporation for having a big heart to our community of Visually Impaired for your support and a big hand to offer any assistance that could might help to bolster our skills into computer science with the aid of creating websites, and thank you very much to the Norfil foundation for your assistance in shouldering the expenses for my Dormitory, it is a big help from me since I have no means enough to produce such amount.

Thank you very much, will be my last message to ATRIEV, Microsoft Corporation, and to Norfil foundation for believing in our community of Visually Impaired and I am hoping that these will continue more and prosper more trainings because you touch so many people’s live in our community and giving us light again in believing in our skills and setting new goals to our future.
Again, Thank you and God bless.

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