Claryss Aquino

I learned a lot in this training but one of the things that really stayed with me is how I could push beyond my boundaries but still enjoying what I do at the same time. Out trainers are ever so supportive of our works and it’s one of the things that I really love.

The activities I enjoyed the most are:

  1. When we had our very first group activity in Ms. Beverly’s class because it was the first time that I got to interact with my classmates, and it helped me become comfortable with them.
  2. I also enjoyed the activity where we guessed song titles in Ms. Yvette’s class because we really had a fun time and I think it was the first time that we goofed around with each other which made us a lot more comfortable with interactions.
  3. I also loved the activity where Ms. Nerikka asked us to create a story by continuing what the person before us left off. It was such a fun time because everyone’s wit and humor jumped out.

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