Lea Famor

Attending the 5-day training on how to use the android using talk back for the benefit of my students with visual impairment is such a blessing. It’s always my desire to extend help to these persons knowing that they have limited abilities compared to the regular persons.

On the first day of our training, I was amazed because our trainer and moderator are both visually impaired yet they can use the gadgets well more than me. They are generous and patient in training us in the topic.

Each day is very challenging, for 3 days my head hurts because of the tasks need to perform and it’s quite difficult. However, it made me desire to do my best and have the needed skills to pay it forward to individuals who needed help. Being blind is difficult but making yourself blind in the needs of others is more difficult.

I thanked the Lord for the opportunity given to me by Atriev. I praise God because with your different abilities I realized that God has given you opportunities to work differently. God bless you more!

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