Jaelene Cristel Mina

Jaelene Cristel Mina, totally blind due to Glaucoma, hails from Pangasinan. She learned the Microsoft productivity suite when she joined ATRIEV’s PC Operations training in 2013 sponsored by Liliane Fonds. She finished a degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education in 2015. Because of her educational background and skills, Jaelene became part of ATRIEV’s training team. Since then, she has been training visually impaired students, sighted teachers and other students with different disabilities from different places in the Philippines.


Aside from being a trainer, she also works as a training manual writer and a part-time transcriptionist in ATRIEV. Reading books, writing journals and short stories, traveling, playing audio games and surfing the internet are her hobbies. She loves attending trainings that would help her upgrade her skills and improve her personality as a trainer, as a public speaker, as a writer and as an individual.


She loves writing letters for her loved ones, keeps a daily journal about her feelings and activities. Ever since she was in elementary, she writes fictional stories that are figments of her imagination. For this Digital Literacy trainer’s manual, Jaelene wrote some of the lessons in Microsoft Excel and all lessons about the Internet.

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