Dr. Cornelia Soto

Dr. Cornelia Soto

Dr. Cornelia Soto is currently the Chairperson of the Department of Education of Ateneo de Manila University. She earned her doctorate degree in Research and Evaluation at the University of the Philippines.


Dr. Soto was introduced to ATRIEV through Ms. Marion Abiva-Cruz when the latter invited one of the ATRIEV founders as a speaker in one of the subject she handles. Though the ATRIEV writers had the hands-on experience in teaching the modules, Dr. Soto provided the much needed direction in order to produce a manual for professionals.


Despite the fact that it was Dr. Soto’s first time in interacting with the visually-impaired, she was very open and willing to learn through the eyes of the blind. She admits that editing the manual was a learning experience for her as well.

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