Carol Catacutan

Carol Catacutan

From facing blindness at age 11 to raising her one and only son with ADHD, Carol Catacutan has learned to thrive in a life with disability. As a co-founder of ATRIEV, an I.T. training center for the blind, she has helped the blind find opportunities through technology.


Carol is a Cum Laude graduate of Mass Communications from the University of the Philippines.  She has been a professional writer since—having published numerous feature articles in various national magazines, two romance novels in Filipino and three television screenplays.  To date, Carol is the first and only blind Filipino who has successfully written a screenplay for such a visual medium like television.


As ATRIEV’s Chief of Operations, the day-to-day operations of the organization–from fund sourcing to budget scrutiny to overall supervision of operations–fall on Carol’s shoulders. In this manual, Carol authored the soft skills modules on Self-acceptance and Public Speaking.


Carol dreams of writing the story of her life for the silver screen because people can learn from her struggles.  She also plans of putting up her personal blog page to help her readers discover “The Bright Side of Darkness”.

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