Volume II – Unit 1: Microsoft Excel 2016

Cover of the DLT Manual Volume II

Session 1: Formulas

A. Introduction

In MS Excel, we can compute from basic arithmetic to Statistics using formulas. But one thing should be sure for it to work, you have to follow the syntax. This session will cover formulas, its elements, the frequently used formulas, and their corresponding syntaxes.

B. Specific Objectives

At the end of this session, the trainees should be able to:

  1. Memorize the symbols needed in typing formulas.
  2. Type the syntax for the different formulas.
  3. Compute mathematical problems using formulas.

C. Materials

  • Laptop/Desktop
  • Trainer’s Manual
  • Speaker
  • Headset

D. Activities

3. Demonstration: Computing with MS Excel

In this instance, we are going to apply different formulas in MS Excel. Open a blank Excel file, save it as Formulas – your name and we will solve simple mathematical problems through these steps:

  1. In cell A3, type Formulas.
  2. In cell A5, type Getting the Sum as the column header.
  3. In cell A6, type =5+6 then press Enter.
  4. Press the Up arrow and listen to what NVDA says.
  5. It says, “11 has formula.”
  6. Once you hear NVDA that way, it means that the cell you focused on has a formula.
  7. You can press Ctrl + ` on the focused cell to display the formula you typed.
  8. Pressing Ctrl + ` on the same cell will return to the displayed result.
  9. In cell A 7, type 5 and in cell A8, type 6.
  • In cell A9, type =A7+A8.
  • In cell A10, type =A6+A7+A9.
  • In cell A11, type =A6+A7+A8+A9+A10).

Did you get the results? That is how to compute numbers in MS Excel using formulas. Here are some helpful formulas for you to compute other mathematical problems that you may encounter in your daily lives:

Shape Perimeter Area
Triangle = 3s = 1/2 x b x h
Square = 4s = l x w
Rectangle = 2(l) + 2(w) = l x w
Circle = 2 (Pi) (r ) = (Pi) (r ) 2


Copying a Formula

We are now going to demonstrate how to copy formulas from one cell to another.

  1. Go to Cell B5 and type Getting the Total.
  2. Type any numbers in cell B7 to B10.
  3. Execute the copy command on cell A11.

Note: Once you have copied the data, avoid pressing any key except the arrow keys for navigation. Pressing an unrelated key, especially Escape will remove the highlight of the copied data.

  1. Go to cell B11.
  2. Go to Home
  3. In the Clipboard group, tab to Paste split button and open the menu.
  4. Scroll down to Paste Special… and press Enter. The Paste Special dialog box opens.
  5. You can also use the context menu for pasting by pressing the Application
  6. Scroll down to Paste Special… and press Enter. The Paste Special dialog box opens.

You can also press Ctrl + V on a focused cell to paste the formula that you copied.


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