Volume III – Unit 1: Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

Cover of the DLT Manual Volume III

Session 1: Themes A. Introduction Applying themes can make your presentation more appealing. Microsoft PowerPoint offers a wide variety of themes to choose from. These themes can also be customized

Volume II – Unit 1: Microsoft Excel 2016

Cover of the DLT Manual Volume II

Session 1: Formulas A. Introduction In MS Excel, we can compute from basic arithmetic to Statistics using formulas. But one thing should be sure for it to work, you have

Volume I – Unit 1: Computer Basics

Cover of the DLT Manual Volume I

Session 1: Getting Familiar with the Keyboard A.   Introduction The keyboard is one of the main ways that we often use to enter commands, texts, numerical data and other types

Gratitude Beyond Measure

Erick Marco Ramos

I had just finished a class via  teleconferencing and had an exchange of ideas and files with group mates, one in China and another in the United States) via Microsoft