ATRIEV Never Stops

Rafael Sitting in front of his computer with hands on the keyboard

“Once a teacher, forever a student.” Learning is a life-long process and it does not stop on the place where I am. Even if there is a distraction in my

My Online Teaching Journey

Gerard wearing headphones and sitting in front of his computer

Android phones had been a necessity in our lives now that we are stepping in the world of 21st century era. It helps us create and check emails on the

A Better ATRIEV and a Better Me for a Better You

Edrian smiling sitting in front of his computer

Want to know a nerve-racking moment? Mine was sitting in front of the laptop with my ATRIEV yellow shirt on, opening the TeamTalk application and trying to handle a virtual

Virtual Teachers’ Training: Embracing the New Normal Learning

Jaelene sitting in front of her laptop wearing headphones

Introduction As I sat in front of my laptop, I reached out for the smartphone on my right and pressed the power button. The screen unlocked, then my Talkback announced,

Extraordinary Faith in an Extraordinary Time

Tip of a white cane

By: Remir Romualdo “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”Hebrews 11:1 ESVHow far are you willing to stretch your faith in this

Making A Difference With AI

AI in Mobile Legends is something that I can beat up easily, but with Microsoft’s AI for Accessibility Hackathon, wherein more than 400 individuals over 8 countries across Asia Pacific

A Star Gate to Success

by John Sebastian Procoro Masbad Ask a child about his dream and he will tell you such hopeful words, “I want to be an engineer,” or “I want to become

The Mentor Who Changed My Life

by Charles Gabriel Allana Mentoring is an effective method of helping inexperienced individuals develop and progress in their life. Merriam Webster dictionary defines mentor as a trusted counsellor or guide.

The Values My Teacher Taught Me

by Joyce Ann Vivas A quote says, “The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts but of values.” This was the lesson I’ve learned from the teacher who

White Cane Safety Day Celebration 2019

Where It All Started For centuries around the world, cane, staff or stick was used to guide blind people in their travels. It was used to alert them of the