A New found Family

by Nerikka Escario The family could be your greatest strength in times of problems but they can also be the one who will let you down and be your weakness.

MOA Signing Between ATRIEV and Capiz State University: Building Bridges Towards Inclusive Society

Over the years, ATRIEV has been successful in making its mission possible in transforming the lives of hundreds of people with visual impairment and educating thousands of teachers, parents and

A Gatekeeper Who Directed Me to Finest Roads Of Life

by John Sebastian Procoro Masbad Being a school teacher is a great and critical profession. They have the ability to influence, lead the next generation’s literacy rate, and shape the

A Teacher Who Learned a Lesson

by Nerikka Escario They say that Experience is the best teacher. Well, I guess I have to say that teachers can also learn from experience. Do you want to know

Sitel Academy Plust ATRIEV 2018

In memories of one of the most hardworking, versatile and inspiring family member of ATRIEV, Ms. Mariel Valbuena. To the family, please accept our heartfelt condolences for your loss. This

PRRD and Peter Wallace

Congratulations to ATRIEV Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Peter Wallace on his appointment to DTI’s Ease of Doing Business. We know that you can do so much for our country. Photo and