A Gatekeeper Who Directed Me to Finest Roads Of Life

by John Sebastian Procoro Masbad

Being a school teacher is a great and critical profession. They have the ability to influence, lead the next generation’s literacy rate, and shape the mind of an innocent child. I naturally disregard annoying and exasperating teachers. We have our own favorite teacher and let me share you my special teacher — Mr. Touch.

Mr. Touch was my class adviser in elementary. Most of the time, people see him as an academic staff that only shares his knowledge inside the classroom, but for me, I treated him as a closest buddy inside and outside the learning area.

He introduced me to the different indoor games for the blind. The first one was the chess for the blind which was the first time that I played it with him as an opponent. I enjoyed mastering it until I joined a simple tournament in Phil Sports Arena.

Scrabble is another thing that he introduced to me which I also played with him. Until now, scrabble and chess for the blind is one of the games I play the most.

He is also a non-bookish-type of teacher. He was able to explain every lesson in a simplest way based on his collective knowledge.

He helped me to contact American institutions for the blind to receive free braille subscriptions of Reader’s Digest, Science News Weekly, The washington Post, The Popular Mechanics and PC World.

Academic factor in studying is only a tip of the iceberg of a childhood learning. Mr. Touch helped me to live with confidence especially when he encouraged me to join in the different outdoor and indoor tournaments. I can never forget such volleyball, tennis, showdown and goalball for the blind.

I always remember when he told me some piece of advice: “You must have a professional career in life but you have always to keep in mind the common sense of everything.” That is my motivation in heading up to make a blog site that will explain the reasons behind the product designs and its features.

Yes, Mr. Touch did not turned my blindness in to complete sight, but he became a gatekeeper who directed me to finest roads Of life and changed my life by helping me to make it colorful through wisdom, fun and excitement. I am not able to see the things afar, but I am able to touch, feel, perceive and think everything through my being.

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