The Values My Teacher Taught Me

by Joyce Ann Vivas

A quote says, “The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts but of values.” This was the lesson I’ve learned from the teacher who changed my life.
It was on my second year high-school when I met this teacher, Mrs. Liwanag she was my Values Education teacher then. That time I was wondering if she was really fit to be my teacher in that subject because of how she approached me in class.
I remembered how she made fun of me in front of my classmates whenever she gives her activities. Mrs. Liwanag used to give us drawing activities. I know I should not exclude myself and not do them so I really try my best to accomplish the task. But instead of being considerate because of my condition, she made fun of my work in front of my classmates.
Another instance was when we had our major examination. The school assigned two faculty members to see the class during the exam. One time Mrs. Liwanag together with her co-teacher Ms. Gallanoza handled our class. Ms. Gallanoza showed her sympathy towards me and offered to dictate what is written on the questionnaire. But Mrs. Liwanag argued with her and told her that this was not part of their work.
That moment I can’t stop my tears from falling and at the back of my mind I questioned her. Yes, it was not part of her work and she will not be compensated, but does that mean she will not care for her students? I cannot understand why is it so hard for her to give me her consideration.
However, those circumstances didn’t lessen my respect for her and even strived harder to show her that I’m differently able but that didn’t mean that I’m not entitled for an equal opportunity for education.
There was a saying that you can’t please everybody so don’t expect that everybody will sympathize with your situation.
So instead of using my energy in dwelling with this unwanted circumstances, I use this life events and challenge myself to prove to others that the most significant values in life is not the one that is taught in school, it’s the values that you learn and apply with your approach towards life.

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