A Better ATRIEV and a Better Me for a Better You

Edrian smiling sitting in front of his computer

Want to know a nerve-racking moment? Mine was sitting in front of the laptop with my ATRIEV yellow shirt on, opening the TeamTalk application and trying to handle a virtual class as an Assistive Technology Trainer. And that is all because of the birth of what now we call, eATRIEV.

With this new normal, we had to bring positives out of this pandemic, and one of those is to adapt online learning with our training programs. The transition process wasn’t that easy though, and I’d never forget how much I was shaking during my teaching demo. Yes, that was just a teaching demo for us, the trainers, to get the feeling of handling a virtual class. Just imagine going in to this new world in teaching with zero idea because yes, did I mention that I was the first one in this teaching demo? But of course, I set everything up before this. From my class plan, learning materials, uniform and even how I would introduce myself, I was fully prepared, or at least, that was I thought.

A trainee had a technical difficulty in using the platform, but I was certain that I got everything on our TeamTalk training. Then, one of the sighted trainees still couldn’t see the visuals on my PowerPoint despite making sure that the images are fully stretched out. And lastly, I couldn’t exactly figure out the trainee’s problem while navigating the app. So yes, I thought I was fully prepared, but I was wrong.

Nevertheless, when you feel like you hit the lowest point in your life, there’s no other way but to go up, right? Because I know that I could still do better as an Assistive Technology Trainer, I attended all the other teaching demo that I could and took all the notes from my co-trainers virtual classes so that when the real training is there, I would face you, our trainees, as the better version of Sir Ed.

All those new things that shook every nerve in us are opportunities to further become the better versions of ourselves. If back then, ATRIEV could only offer entrepreneurship training for our partner communities in Rizal, Dagupan and Bohol, now eATRIEV’s Digital Business Basics Training is open even in the comfort of everyone’s home.

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