6 Advantages of Home Gardening for Blind Moms

by: Annabelle Lucero (DCCT 2020 – Batch 2)

Being a stay at home mom can sometimes be tiring and boring at the same time. But what if you’re also blind? I assume that the struggle is more and real especially having little kids to take care of. But let us divert your attention to other things and have an enjoyable and productive hobby? Today, I want you to look at the 6 advantages of home gardening even though you’re blind. I’m sure you can do it if you wish to. Ready?

Here are the 6 advantages of home gardening for stay at home blind moms.


1. Reduces expenses

At present, how much is 1 kilo of garlic? of onion? Of Ginger? Of Tomato? etc.? Are you sure you know? Then if you do, I   think you’re one of the moms who may consider having a home garden.

One of the best benefits of home gardening is to reduce expenses. Food expenses comprise a major part in most family’s budget. When a stay-at-home mom does gardening, she can plant the fruits and vegetables her family loves to eat. Since the food expenses is reduced, you may now have additional savings or capital for that great business idea you’ve always wanted to start.


2.  Ensures the safety and cleanliness of the food

How long will those vegetables and fruits be stuck in your refrigerator before they will be entirely consumed? Which brings me to my second question: “How long have those veggies and fruits been in the shelves before you picked them up and brought them home and yet they still looked fresh?? You want to know the answer or your afraid to know? Never mind.

Hey, I don’t have to explain so much about this one. You are a mom, you care for your kids and family more than anyone else.  I bet you get the idea!


3. It is therapeutic

Many have said that growing plants serves a form of therapy. It’s like taking care of a pet from the baby stage up to bing a grown up–feeding them, cleaning them, and talking to them. Watching them grow can give you a sense of satisfaction and relaxation. Do you want to see it for yourself or you would rather dream about it?

Don’t worry if you don’t have the slightest idea where and how to start, there are a lot of tutorial videos for beginners.


4. It is educational

As a blind Mom, you are probably not so familiar with many shapes, textures and physical characteristics of different plants and species. Be excited, because this is the perfect opportunity for that.  Well, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to emphasize your blindness here. There are also a lot of sighted moms who are not familiar with those things. Okay, let’s move on. What I want to tell you is that there are accessible plants identifier out there. You may choose from the free apps to the paid ones; it’s all up to you. All you have to do when you have the app is to connect your phone to the internet, then capture the physical feature of the plant using the camera, and it will be uploaded. Wait a few seconds to minutes, the information about the plant will be provided and you can start reading the information using your screen reader. It’s actually amazing. By identifying at least five plants a day, you’ll be a plant expert after a year or so. Aha, another credential without certificate!


5. Helps the environment

The world right now is becoming so populated and polluted. Studies show that people breathe in oxygen and release carbon Dioxide. The lesser the plants are, the dirtier the air becomes. So if you will be one who keeps a garden, I’m sure it would be a wonderful contribution to the healing of our mother earth. Right, it’s a good combination–mother taking care of the mother of all “Mother Earth”. What do you think? A Give-and take process indeed, isn’t it?

Another way to help the environment is through recycling or reusing your garbage at home. Instead of giving them away to the garbage truck or burn them in your backyard, use them for your garden. For instance, kitchen and other biodegradable wastes, together with soil, can make a good compost for healthier crops. And those empty containers such as soft drinks bottles, ice cream gallons or even noodle cups, can be used as plant pots.  Just use your creativity and you can turn your trash into treasure.


6. Additional Source of Income

Oh, after reading the number 1 item on this list, here is number 6! Reducing expenses plus increasing income is a way of hitting two birds with one stone! Of course, if your garden has many yields, your family may not be able to consume all of your harvest. At this point, your surplus can be sold and be your instant business.

Okay, I will give you a concrete example: If you have planted a papaya tree, the green fruit can be made into green relished bottled papaya or commonly known as atsara. If you have a lot of chilly and garlic, why not make them into chilly garlic sauce. you can cook a ready-to-eat meal using your veggie harvest for your neighbours or you can sell your delicacies online. At this point, I can feel that you’re starting to love the idea more…


Well, Mommy, I wish you good luck with your journey. I hope you will come back to this blog and share your experience to encourage more moms who are at home most of the time…If this article has enlightened you, please give us thumbs up and comment down below.

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