5 Tips in Writing a Song

by: Rolan Christian Faelnar (DCCT 2020 – Batch 2)

Writing a song can never be easy. People are struggling to conceptualize their ideas. They’re confused on where to start. Or maybe they overthink of which words they’re going to put as the process of song writing lyric is ongoing.

While they encounter difficulties, people tend to give up easily and not finish their songs because they’re stuck somewhere. And that is the problem. But there’s a solution to that as you continue reading this article.


Find a quiet place

When writing a song, it is better to write in a quiet place. that way you can focus without any disturbance.

Find out the purpose of your song

You have to remember that writing a song is not just about writing. You have to identify the objective of the song. Don’t ever forget your audience. Ask yourself. To whom do you address the lyrics of the song?

The structure of your song

Now it’s time to decide for the structure of your song. The structure is important because it determines the arrangement of the song. What part of the lyrics you’re going to write first? Is it the verse or the chorus? And after that you decide if you’ll put a bridge after the second chorus.

Keep it simple

When you write a song lyric, use words that could be easily understood by the majority. Don’t make it too hard for them. You wouldn’t want them to get a dictionary and search for the meaning of that word, would you? Just a simple one and you’re good to go.

Finalize your lyrics

Now that you’re in the final step, it is time to review what you’ve have written. Read everything that you have written and if you find something that you want to change, do an editing.


Now that you have the tips that could help you in writing a song, it’s time to apply it. Maybe at first, it’s kind of difficult but as you practice, you’ll know that you’ll get better at it. If you’re stuck somewhere, give yourself a minute to relax and don’t be discourage. And as you continue, don’t stop until you’ve reached your goal which is to finish that song. Happy writing!

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