The Mentor Who Changed My Life

by Charles Gabriel Allana Mentoring is an effective method of helping inexperienced individuals develop and progress in their life. Merriam Webster dictionary defines mentor as a trusted counsellor or guide.

The Values My Teacher Taught Me

by Joyce Ann Vivas A quote says, “The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts but of values.” This was the lesson I’ve learned from the teacher who

A Gatekeeper Who Directed Me to Finest Roads Of Life

by John Sebastian Procoro Masbad Being a school teacher is a great and critical profession. They have the ability to influence, lead the next generation’s literacy rate, and shape the

A Teacher Who Learned a Lesson

by Nerikka Escario They say that Experience is the best teacher. Well, I guess I have to say that teachers can also learn from experience. Do you want to know

Someone Who Believed in Me

Teachers could influence their students in countless ways. They may either bring a positive effect or a negative effect on them. Even at a very young age, it was evident

A teacher who believed in me

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong in a certain place? Or ever doubted your abilities because of how society sees you? I have, but that changed when I

extraordinary blessing to be cherish

Short-tempered, uncautious of the words coming out of my mouth, and immediately reacting to everything with defensive or offensive words. These describe who I was before knowing him, my mentor.

My Most Treasured Rosary

It is undeniable that here in our country, we give so much importance to education. Our parents would always remind us how finishing school will have a great impact on

My Small & Wengcredible Teacher

Charles F. Glassman once said, “A genuine teacher does not seek to impress you with their greatness, but instead to impress upon you that you possess the skills to discover

Prof. Miranda, my Chemistry Professor

It was 9:30 Am and I am 30 minutes early for my Chemistry class. I was already a graduating student of AB European languages from the University of the Philippines