Basic Tips for a Blind Newbie Mom

by: Cedeline Alvarez (DCCT 2020 – Batch 2)

Are you one of those women with visual impairment who want to have your own family? Good news! In this article, you will find out some basic tips before you enter in the world of blind parenting.


Learning the Important Household Chores

As a woman, of course you want to serve your soon to be husband and your future children, right? For you to do that, you need to learn how to cook, wash the laundry, sweep and map the floor, wash the dishes and other simple but important chores inside your home.

These may sound hard because you’re blind. But believe it or not, lots of blind moms are doing these tasks everyday on their own. Learning these things is not that easy. And to tell you honestly, it will take a long time to be a pro. Just keep in mind that experience is the best mentor.

Here are some examples on how a blind mom can do all these tasks.



When cooking, you should set a certain time in every dish that you cook to make sure that the food is not burned or raw. You can also use a song to serve as your timer.


Preparing the Laundry

In the laundry, before the first try, make sure to mark those clothes which are colored or white. Place the colored and white clothes in separate laundry baskets, so that whenever you need to do the laundry, you will know which clothes to wash first.

Note: Make sure that the shape of each laundry basket is different from each other to avoid confusion.


Cleaning the Floor

When you sweep and mop the floor, it is recommended to use your sense of feeling. Do the task barefoot for you to feel if the floor is clean enough.


Washing the Dishes

Same goes with washing the dishes, you can use your sense of touch to feel if the plates and utensils are already cleaned or still need washing and rinsing.


Knowing the Basic Ways of baby care

Sure enough, you are expecting to have a child after marriage. And according to those blind moms who have their own, taking care of an infant is one of the hardest parts of a blind’s parenting life.

Feeding, bathing, and changing diapers of the baby are the first 3 important things you need to learn. As what the experienced blind mom said, these are not going to be easy. At some point, you will feel like you won’t make it. But after your hard work and earnest motivation to learn, the prize is worth dying for. I know. You are wondering right now how those blind mothers do these complicated and sometimes daunting task, try to internalize these tips.


Feeding the Baby

There are 2 ways to feed your baby. First is the Brest feeding process. Most of the blind and even sighted mothers are saying that this is the easiest way to feed the baby. You just have to let your baby suck your nipple for you to feed him/her.

Note: always make sure that the portion of your breast doesn’t cover the nose of the baby. Remember not to fall asleep during your baby’s feeding time.

Second is using a formula milk. Here, you must know how to prepare his/her milk. One of the important things to bear in mind while preparing the milk is to use a measuring cup all the time to ensure the right amount and to keep the milk from spill overs.

Note: If you are going to feed the baby, make sure to always elevate the baby’s head to avoid choking.


Changing the Diapers

When changing the baby’s diaper, always remember to depend on your sense of touch and smell. And your motherly instinct will teach you the rest.


You have lots of things to learn during your journey as a blind mom. But every learning will be your baby steps towards a fulfilling blind motherly life.

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