Audio Described Movies to Watch During Quarantine

by: Claryss Aquino (DCCT 2020 – Batch 1)

I know that this quarantine period is such a bummer since we aren’t allowed to go out and have fun. Even though there are some people who have been discovering new hobbies, there are still some who would just prefer lazing around and beinga couch potato all day. This calls for some major TV & Film action.

So maybe you’re wondering… why audio described? Well, there’s no rocket science behind it. I’m fully aware that not everyone could see what sighted people could, but it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t enjoy a good movie am I right? Audio described movies, or cinema audio description is a fantastic service for the visually impaired. The normal film broadcasted to cinemasincludes a recorded narrator who explains what’s happening on screen. Since I’m a sucker for TV & Film, here are some audio described movies that I recommend!

By yourself

Not everyone during this quarantine season are with their family members or friends. Here are some movies that y’all lone wolves will enjoy!


1.      Lady Bird (2017, Netflix)

Lady Bird coverDirected by Greta Gerwig, Lady Bird is a coming-of-age film whichcenters around the story of Christine McPherson (played by Saoirse Ronan)—a.k.aLady Bird—an 18 year-old ambitious girl who wants to pursue a degree in film and arts, but her not-so supportive mom forces her to a Catholic School instead. Starting from there, she embarks on a new journey as she rebels her way out while meeting new people along the way, who in return made her realize a lot of things in her life.

The reason why I recommended this is because the it isn’t your typical sugar-coated teen films where the main character’s life is all glitz and glamour. Everything about this seems so raw, and it perfectly encaptures the nuances of being a teenager as well as the struggles that comes with it.



2.      Paper Towns (2015, Netflix)

Paper Town CoverThis movie is a movie adaptation from the famous novel written by John Green in which Quentin Jacobsen or Q (played by Nat Wolff), seeks on a search party for Margo Roth Spiegelman (played by Cara Delevingne) who mysteriously disappeared the day after she plotted revenge against the people who have wronged her in the past.

I would never get bored of this film because of how funny it is and Quentin’s bond with his friends is just so fun to watch, and what makes it a lot more enjoyable is the comedy aspect of the film itself.



3.      Nerve (2016, Netflix)

Nerve CoverNerve is just another film that I would never get tired of watching! It has the perfect amount of suspense and adventure drizzled with a little bit of romance.

This film centers around Venus (played by Emma Roberts), an incoming College freshman when she decides to join Nerve, a game in which you’re being broadcasted, and a lot of people watch you complete dares. Completing the dares would reward you with cash prizes and as Venus continues to play the game, a guy named Ian (Dave Franco) teams up with her. The reason why I highly recommend this is because the film would make you feel like you are a part of the game. The thrill is absolutely present, and you would literally feel your heart racing in your chest in certain scenes.


With your friends

If you’re quarantined with your friends and roommates, here are some recommendations that you would definitely enjoywatching with the bunch!


1.      Pitch Perfect (2012, Netflix)

Pitch Perfect CoverAh, this movie is really great! Musical films aren’t exactly up my alley but this one’s an exception. The scriptwriting is so witty and the cast is also an A+. I especially loved Fat Amy (played by Rebel Wilson) because her lines are the absolute best and the timing of her humor made me laugh so hard.

The song selection is also great! Since this is a musical acapella movie, the old and newer music included in the OST are just the right amount plus the variety of genres are also insane. You could still enjoy this alone, but I would highly recommend watching it with your friends since I find the film so relatable.



2.      Love, Simon (2018, YouTube Movies)

Love Simon CoverThere’s no way that I would forget to include this because it absolutely hit me right in the feels. Love, Simon—just like Paper Towns—is a movie adaptation from a novel written by Becky Albertalli with its original title being Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. Love, Simon centers around the life of a closeted gay named Simon Spier, a.k.a the main protagonist of the film. His life was going smooth until his best-kept secret got exposed by an anonymous person from his school.

As someone who is a straight ally, the book as well as the film gave me a good glimpse on the life of someone who’s a part of the LGBTQ+ community as well as the struggles that they had to face just so that the society could finally accept them wholly. This movie will surely give you a roller coaster of emotions. One minutes you would be laughing your heart out and next thing you knew, you’re already bawling your eyes out because of all the tear-jerking moments in this film.



3.      A Quiet Place (2018, Netflix)

A Quiet Place CoverOkay, okay. Maybe you’re wondering why the heck I’m recommending this—an almost silent film—to the people who are visually impaired but trust me, it gets better.

A Quiet Place is such an action-packed thriller movie in which the main characters couldn’t make any noise because there’s a noise-sensitive creature who is just lurking around the corner who would eventually attack anyone who produces a noise.

You need not to worry because there’s a lot of sources for great movies with audio descriptions that’d still give you the same kind of thrill and would literally put you at the edge of your seats.



With your family

If there’s one positive thing about quarantine, it would be being able to form closer ties with your family since all of you are all in the same roof during thisperiod of time. Here are family-friendly movies that everyone would surely enjoy!


1.      Hotel Transylvania 1 – 3 (Netflix)

Hotel Transylvania 1 coverHotel Transylvania 2 cover Hotel Transylvania 3 cover Hotel Transylvania is an animated movie by Dreamworks and it’s honestly one of the funniest! Just like other animated movies, it revolves around the bond that the main protagonists have, either with friends or family but this movie has both! It’s such a light and fun watch that would surely make you and your family members laugh. The fun thing with this movie is that it has three parts! If you ever find yourself craving for more Hotel Transylvania, I highly recommend that you finish off the whole trilogy!



2.      Crazy Rich Asians cover (2018, YouTube Movies)

If there’s an ongoing trend with my movie recommendations, it’d be movie adaptations of novels. Crazy Rich Asians is a movie adaptation by the novel written by Kevin Kwan which tells the story of Rachel (played by Constance Wu) and Nick (Henry Golding), and how Rachel tries to fit in Nick’s wealthy family.

“Crazy Rich Asians” may have the look of a luxurious 1930s MGM comedy like “Dinner at Eight,” but there are also a number of delectable scenes for cultural specificity, like the movie’s attention towards food. Those scenes also serve a deeper purpose: they tie together the importance of food, culture and relationships around a dinner table. One dumpling-making sequence doubles as commentary on tradition and how families share it with younger generations.

No pun intended, but don’t judge a book by its cover. Crazy Rich Asians may come out to you as something that only focuses on snobby, wealthy families but in reality, there’s a lot more than that. Since this is a movie about Asians, the family ties were really emphasized throughout the whole video and it’s one of the many aspects that makes it so special.


Okay, wow! Now that you already have 10+ movies that you could watch while you’re in quarantine, I hope that these could help you relax and unwind for a while. A good movie is everyone’s best buddy during this hard time because you’d feel like you’re entering another dimension, a place and time where life was so much easier. Have fun watching, folks!


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