Ruiz George Carlo Magaway – Trainer since 2020

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George Magaway

Ruiz George Carlo Magaway, or simply sir George is a college level that took a course of Conservatory of Music at University of Santo Tomas on 2006. He started as a trainee at ATRIEV in 2017 and took the courses Digital Literacy Training and Introduction to Computer Science in that same year. At 2019 He took the course General Transcription, Android Training and English Language Communication Training.

On year 2020 He became a part of ATRIEV Training Team and started as a Moderator then became a Trainer for Android Accessibility for the Visually Impaired. He was also one of trainers who developed the learning materials of Android Parent Child Digital Team Learning, Android Basic ICT and Android Accessibility Training for the Visually Impaired. Apart from being a Trainer and Moderator, George is also a part time Transcriptionist. He is also a former drummer of a band for ten years and also established his own small business in 2010. Playing musical instruments and playing computer games are the things that he enjoys the most.


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