Gerard Perry Novela – Trainer since 2011

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Gerard Perry Novela

Gerard Perry is a graduate of bachelor’s degree in elementary education major in Special education from St. Peter’s College, Iligan City. He also finished a 2-year computer programming diploma course last 2014 in AMA Paco.


Gerard Has been a part of ATRIEV since 2011 when he finished the DLT formerly known as PC Operations with Access Technology (PCOAT). Since then, he was absorbed as one of the volunteer trainers of ATRIEV teaching basic computer literacy skills to other visually-impaired students of ATRIEV after him. Apart from the PCOAT, Gerard also took the English Language Communication (ELC) course, PC Refurbishment course, Call Center training coupled with American Accent training and many others. Through the years in being part of ATRIEV’s activities and advocacies, Gerard’s confidence and professionalism was also developed because he was also assigned to do sensitivity seminars, training workshops and trainer’s training along with other peers and professionals.


Now that Gerard came back to his hometown in Iligan, his advocating heart never left ATRIEV. His efforts has always been with ATRIEV’s footsteps and mission. While working online, Gerard was one of ATRIEV’s transcribers and curriculum developers for ATRIEV’s many courses.


During this pandemic where everyone is asked to stay at home, Gerard is one of their online trainers teaching both android and inclusive design training (IDT) still passionately advocating for the welfare of the visually-impaired through accessible technology.


Watching YouTube videos, animes, reading articles, listening to music, playing musical instruments, taking online courses (MOOCs) are the things Gerard loves to do during his free time.

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