Roden Zalameda – Moderator since 2020

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Roden Zalameda

Roden Zalameda graduated as a Cum Laude with the course International E-Commerce Major in Programming at STI College on May 2003. He attended the Project ATRAC of ATRIEV for six months, an earlier and longer version of PC operations with Access Technology training, and Digital Business Basics. Roden joined the training team as a moderator last July 2020 and has handled different moderation assignments such as in Digital Content Creation, Basic Web Design and Web Accessibility, Basic ICT for SPED, and more.

After Roden took his first training in ATRIEV in 2000, he’s been in different IT related jobs in different companies such as an IT Specialist at AI Grounds Solutions, a Database Management System Consultant at DBsoft Philippines Inc., Junior Programmer at Finix Inc., Senior Programmer at PMG Enterprises Inc. and others. In 2007, he opened his computer cafe Zlite Internet Cafe and maganed it for over eleven years.

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