Rimar Joe Reynado – Trainer since 2016

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Rimar Joe Reynado

Rimar Joe, or better known as Jake, holds certifications on Computer Hardware Servicing level II and Trainer’s Methodology level I from TESDA. He has a background in computer repair, website development and web accessibility testing. He became an ATRIEV trainer in 2016 and since then, has handled different kinds of trainings like PC Operations with Access Technology, Introduction to Computer Science, Android Accessibility Training, Digital Literacy Training, Basic ICT for Teachers Using Android and Windows Training, Digital Entrepreneurship Training, Inclusive Design Training, Digital Content Creation Training, and several capacity development trainings for trainers such as Child Participation Workshop, TeamTalk Workshop, and Google Productivity Apps Workshop.

Aside from being a trainer, he also acts as the organization’s technician and one of the channel moderators. He enjoys reading books, playing audio games, watching anime and English TV series, researching and reading articles about ICT and related topics. His friends find him funny with a good sense of humor. He became totally blind last 2010 and was just exposed to blind community since 2016 through ATRIEV.

He is also one of the authors of the “Digital Literacy Manual” and wrote the module under Unit VII, Basic Troubleshooting and Security. As a trainer, he is not just teaching but also still continuously learning. Through ATRIEV, he was able to inspire others and share his knowledge to his fellow visually impaired.

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