Angello Necesito – Trainer since 2019

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Angello Necesito

Angello Necesito is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Entrepreneurship. He was also a graduate of ATRIEV’s courses such as Digital Literacy Training, Intro to Computer Science, Android Accessibility, and English Language Communication. He became part of the training team last 2019. He handled two community-based trainings before the pandemic, namely, Social Media Marketing held in Tuguegarao, Cagayan and Windows Teacher’s training held in Dagupan, Pangasinan.


Angello or Gello for his friends is a low vision due to retinitis Pigmentosa. He is known to be funny and money savvy. He values investing to the future and encourages his friends to do the same. Gello loves playing guitar during his spare time. He knows how to play chess as well. He recently discovered his love for reading Tagalog fictional stories from Wattpad. Gello considers himself as a traveler and also a foodie.


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