Feye Roderos

Feye Roderos

I learned the characteristics that make a document accessible – scannability, searchability, legibility, and readability. The training also provided insightful tips and practical ways to apply these characteristics to each type of document. I also learned how to make visual elements such as photos, video clips, tables, and charts and graphs accessible.

I absolutely loved that the style of teaching was the flipped classroom method. Because this was the approach to teaching, we had so much time to explore, experience, and practice the skills during class with the guidance of our trainer. I highly enjoyed modifying sample and personal documents to apply what we learn in class. This strengthened the learning from readings provided and lectures delivered.

Learning about the different scanning and reading apps was not only useful but also fun! I never realized that there were so many apps that can be helpful for persons with visual impairment – and some are also being used by sighted individuals. Using NVDA and the Talkback functions in my devices has been very eye-opening. It really made the experience of persons with visual impairments more concrete for me. This has been very effective in making me more conscientious of my actions in making electronic documents.

With these said, I also enjoyed the presentation day. It was nice to see how we’ve all progressed and to see how each participant applied their learnings. With the presentations, I also learned a lot by watching the others and gave me ideas for future documents.

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