Technology so that No One is Left Behind

Photo of Tony Llanes of Team ATRIEV with visually-impaired students Christian Mark Agbuya and Choleen Siquete. The students are holding the computers donated by Peter Ngo of Manila Downtown's Y'S Men'S Club. With them are other students and teachers of Camiling Central School. (photo by Jane Tangonan)

Manila, Philippines, July 8, 2016 – ATRIEV executive director Tony Llanes wasn’t at the Camiling Central Elementary School on June 21 for the earthquake drill. But the timing of his visit certainly made everyone ask, are we sure no one is left behind in earthquake drills and disaster risk management?

Team ATRIEV talked with students about the real-life application of assistive technologies. ATRIEV earlier trained 25 children in the school on the technologies. ATRIEV also talked to the teachers about the classroom application of assistive technologies.

They all said, technology is useful, but the computers are scarce.

In the visit to the Camiling school in Tarlac, a province north of Manila, Team ATRIEV handed over to the school two computer tablets donated by Peter Ngo of Manila Downtown’s Y’S Men’S Club. The donation was facilitated by Victor Lao, also of the club.

Tony said technology helps persons with disabilities adapt in the classroom and get jobs. Equally important, he said technology, such as tracking devices, alarms, and navigation software, helps ensure that persons with disabilities are not left behind in times of disaster.

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