Lorna McBean

Lorna McBean

There were so much ATRIEV seminars that pass through which I wanted to join but missed out because frequently all of their schedule has conflicts on my job-related activities. Initially I was not self-motivated to join the training because I ‘ve got tons of things to do both with Graduate School and school SpEd paper works, I thought it will   just add up to my bucket lists.

The invitation was initiated by Miss Dess since I was also invited to facilitate an online training regarding the Anti-Bullying. Finally, I decided to go through it because most of the seminar that I conducted at ATRIEV are mostly face to face.

Online seminar is very rare and new to me, particularly to where I am teaching with.  Both of my SpEd parents and SpEd students where I work with has limited resources when it comes to online learning. They are limited only to facebook and Google, in worse scenario they can only accommodate free data instead of PLDT fiber WIFI connection and the like. That’s how I am afraid of the online learning.  I always believe in the power of face to face when teaching special children. SpEd online learning-teaching made me out of sight and extremely loss of path. Subconsciously, I need to adapt in this pandemic year.

In this seminar I learned that people with visual impairment is far different from my SpEd students back in Canumay West Elementary, where I am teaching.  They are very much into technology. In short for one week , they taught me to embrace the power of the technology. They know better than me. Yes, I am disappointed of myself for showing such limited belief.

For one week, I learned so much things and very excited to make an AVP for them this coming September 28, 28 and 30.

Thank you so much ATRIEV for the wonderful experience. You just change my thoughts.

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