Nerikka Escario – Trainer since 2019

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Nerikka Escario

Nerikka Escario is currently residing in Marilao, Bulacan. She completed Tertiary Education at Valenzuela City Polytechnic College with the degree of Bachelor of Technical Teaching Education Major in Food Service Management. She has been part of ATRIEV since April 8, 2019 and handled different trainings such as Digital Literacy Training last April 2019, Android Training and Digital Entrepreneurship last May 2019, and now in eATRIEV online training in Digital Content Creation Training last June 2020, Basic ICT for SPED last September and October 2020, and Android Accessibility for Visually Impaired last October 2020. She was also involved in creating the learning materials in eATRIEV online training such as Parent-Child Digital Team Learning (PCDTL), Basic ICT for SPED, and Android Accessibility for Visually Impaired.

Nerikka loves reading books especially romantic and horror/thriller themed novels because she feels like she is a part of the story. She also spend her leisure time watching movies and sleeping. In her tough times, listening to music is her medicine especially Justin Bieber songs. She believes that in all the struggles you will face, we should never let a stumble in the road be the end of our journey. You just have to find your purpose. She will never stop believing that everything really happens for a reason. She is Nerikka. She can. She will.

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