How to Get Gainful Remote Work Amidst Global Crisis

Covid 19 brought a major change in our everyday life. It transformed everything from a traditional transaction, where you have to go out in order to buy and dine, or avail any service, to an online transaction, where you have to do everything over the internet. No wonder why even the businesses and offices which came from traditional hiring and working switch to remote work. Many social media and online professionals even said that it will be the newest trend during these times. There is a question however, which will conquer the minds of the workers and even employers. “Are we ready for this?”


Because of the pandemic, many businesses switched from traditional to remote work, which, according to experts, will create more job opportunities for many people, not just in the Philippines, but as well as the rest of the world. This article is a guide on how we will find an online job which matches our skills and interest.


Matching your core competencies

The first thing you have to do is to match core competencies or skills to the online jobs available. Are you applying for an online job just because you know you have a little knowledge about it and you’re willing to learn? There is nothing wrong with that. However, there is more possibility for you to be an idle or inefficient worker if you do it right at the very start of your online endeavour. You have to start investing and looking out for online jobs that match your skills. For example, if you were a former call centre agent, you should look for online jobs, such as online teaching, or home-based customer service representative work. This way, you will be an effective worker, because it both matches your skills and interest. There’s nothing wrong to explore, but if you start exploring anything without any particular target job, you might end up landing to nothing. Remember to plan on what types of jobs you want to do. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.



Aside from matching your core competencies, you also have to be able to acquire different skills set in order for you to succeed on your online job hunting. Imagine doing the same thing for years? Isn’t it boring? We also have to consider that employer’s needs in terms of their worker’s skills can change over the years or decades. Remember that the only permanent thing in the world is change even in online and corporate world. The best example is what we’re talking about here. Isn’t that remote work came from traditional work before?


If you have 2 or more skills, the possibility to land on a good online work is likely to increase. This is because you have a variety of skills to offer. That way, you can apply not just in one type of online job. For example, you can do content writing, customer service, e-mail and chat support, ESL teaching, and voice over. You can do more than one job if your energy and time permits it.


You also have to make sure that you’re not settling for less as you work at the comfort of your home. Remember that even if you’re working online, you still do it for yourself and your family. You still need a decent income. In order to avoid that, here is something you really need to do.


Market research

After you determine the job which will match your skills, you also have to know the existing pay rates for the job. You also have to be able to know the different online jobs with high rates. You might ask,” What if my skills do not match those jobs?”


Don’t worry! The pandemic gives us the opportunity to work from home. Here is the reason why.


Due to this crisis, we cannot go out of our home. As a result, many businesses switch their marketing and all other related jobs online, which will need more people. However, because many people especially in the western countries like United States have lost their jobs, the competition for remote jobs became more intense than ever, even though there is a work from home law in place. This is because people do not have any other choice but to work from the comfort of their homes. In the Philippines, the stringent form of quarantine has been lifted in many places. However, the fact that the invisible enemy is still there, and there’s no vaccine available yet, people are still afraid to go out of their houses.


Life/work balance

You also have to be able to make your work and life balanced. It is very important for you to be prepared to work online. It will be more challenging, because there might be something which can take your concentration away from work. If we’re working from home, loud television, radio or music may cause distraction.


Preparation of work environment

This is also a way to balance your work and life. Applying to online jobs without preparing your work environment is like going on a war without proper armours and bullets. You might be accepted on your desired online job at first. However, not having an optimize work environment may cost you to work inefficiently, making you less productive. You might end up losing your existing job. Preparedness of your working environment includes having the right equipment and quiet comfortable space for your desired remote work.


Honing your technical skills

There is a big difference between working on an office and working from home. There is an   IT personnel on call in a physical office, while you are on your own when working from home. It is very essential for you to hone your skills on navigation and basic trouble shooting your computer. Imagine if you happen to have minor problems on your computer, internet, or computer software in the middle of beating the deadline. I assure you, this can be a traumatic experience. Your potential employer might end up considering your competitors.


Preventing burn out

Have you ever experienced losing the drive to wake up every day because of a denied job application? Have you ever experienced being discouraged because of the situation you cannot control? Did you experience being devastated because of the pressure from your family? These are just some symptoms of burn out. Sadly, we also experience these at home.


While we are trying to take care of our financial matters, we also have to watch out for mental health. Burn out just does not happen in the office. This is the reason why we also have to watch out for ourselves even at home. Don’t dwell on the negative things that happened to you. If you get tired of your plans which did not work out, rest for a while. Don’t give up. One way or another, you will be able to find the job which will match your skills, interest, and financial needs. The companies that rejected you are not your loss. There are millions of opportunities which are available online. You just have to find the right fit.


Time management

We sometimes feel frustrated when our plans don’t work out at the exact time we want it to happen. It’s good to make a timeline to follow. It will be a training and a discipline for you to be able to beat the deadlines when you finally get your remote job. Don’t be disheartened if you are not able to follow your timeline, especially when the situation is beyond your control. Make use of your idle time to work on your personal and professional development. There are a lot of online courses that you can take while waiting for the right job. Always find opportunities out of the challenges. Your waiting time can also be your time for preparation.


Responding to employers

Many employers are just new to remote jobs. You will have the advantage if you know the proper response to their questions such as, “How should we start from here?”, “What software’s can we use?”, “How can we improve the hiring process?”


For example, there would be a situation when your potential employer may ask you, what will you do in case of an intermittent internet connection. You would then answer that you have a back up internet connection in case that happens. You were able to help your employer add requirements to their job post. “Applicant must have a back up internet connection in case of intermittent connection.


That’s just an example of a proper response to your potential employers. You should research about the company beforehand. Your employer will recognize that you are really interested with their offer if you at least know their mission and vision, or the goods and services they offer.


Remote jobs are just proof that pandemic cannot stop us from being productive, even if we are not allowed to go out. Engaging in remote work does not just help you and your family fend for your daily needs. You are also helping the government by being self-sufficient. Hence, government assistance can be given to people who need it the most.


With these tips, you are now ready to earn while at the comfort of your home. There is no perfect time to apply your knowledge but now!


Be productive amidst the pandemic!

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