JOSEFINA “Jo” OLOROCISIMO, President. ATRIEV graduate, Persons with Disabilities Affairs Officer of Taytay, Rizal *

ANNABELLE LUCERO, Vice President.  ATRIEV graduate and trainer *

MOIRA ENERVA, Secretary.  Independent consultant for communication and stakeholder engagement of the World Bank Group and other development partners

LUCITA “Baby” RODRIGUEZ, Treasurer.  Former Assistant Commissioner of the Bureau of Internal Revenue

MARTA “Marty” HERNANDEZ, Auditor.  Former Director for Partnership and Linkages and Media Relations of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority

MAY GLADYS BUTOY, Member.  Consultant for human rights and disability concerns, former Project Officer/Vulnerable Sector Project Coordinator at International Foundation for Electoral Systems

Ma. ASUNCION “Marion” CRUZ, Member.  Educator, parent of a visually-impaired ATRIEV graduate

Dr. CARMELA ONGSIAKO, Member.  Ophthalmologist, low vision specialist

RAYMOND REYES, Member.  ATRIEV graduate, insurance sales executive *

* With visual impairment. ATRIEV’s Constitution and By-Laws require that the blind or visually-impaired have at least three seats in the Board.