Martha “Marty” Hernandez – Member

Martha “Marty” Hernandez

Professional Background: Retired TESDA director; former TESDA focal persons for PWDs Educational Attainment: Ph. D. in Educational ManagementPhilippine Normal University (2011 – 2014) Master of Industrial Relations(Major in Human Resource

John Erwin Magno – Auditor

John Erwin Magno

Professional Background: Academic: BS in Information Technology; Line Founder & Senior IT Trainer, Learning and Development Solutions (Training and Solutions Company); Resource Speaker; Former Account Technology Strategist and Product Specialist,

Rhea Althea Guntalilib – Assistant Secretary

Rhea Althea Guntalilib

Professional Background: A Computer Science graduate and a Web Accessibility Specialist Educational Attainment: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Disability (if any): Visual Impairment (Totally Blind)

Marcelia “Celia” Garcia – Secretary

Marcelia “Celia” Garcia

Professional Background: Co-founder and Vice President of DeafBlind Support Phils. Academic: BSBA,  Univ of the Phils; MBA, Ateneo de Manila Univ.; Master of Education, Harvard University; MA in Dispute Resolution

Remir Romualdo – Vice President

Remir Romualdo

Professional Background: Life Transformation & Development Coach; Workplace Ethics & Self-Acceptance Facilitator; Translator for CCF Bible International; Drafter, Philippine Bible Society; Freelance Writer Educational Attainment:: Bachelor Of Arts In Mass

Jose “Ching” Rañola – President

Jose “Ching” Rañola

Professional Background: Certified Public Accountant; Businessman; President, Philippine Blind Union Educational Attainment: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration(Major in Accounting)University of Santo Tomas, Legazpi Campus Strategic Business Economics ProgramUniversity of