A Personal Appeal from Axl Joy

First of all, I want to greet you a good day. My name is Axl Joy Mendoza. I became totally blind because of retino blastoma or cancer of the eyes. At a tender age of two, my left eye was extracted. Unfortunately, the cancer had spread to my right eye which led to total blindness. I was gven only six months to live after the surgery. But through god’s miracle, I’m now 20 years old and have graduated from high school in March 2014.

I need a sponsor for my training here at atriev, a computer training center for the blind. I’m taking up English language Communication. The tuition fee for my 25-day course is Php25,000.00.

I really need this training, because of the course I’m going to take on college. I’m going to take journalism major in writing. This training will help me to enhance my skills in writing, speaking and to have a confidence.

Just like what I’ve said, I really need this training, so please help me. Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Axl Joy M. Mendoza