Jaelene Cristel Mina – Trainer since 2015

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Jaelene Cristel Mina

Jaelene is a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special education. She has been a part of the training team since 2015, and prior to that, became one of the volunteers in some of the community-based training of ATRIEV in 2013 and 2014. Since then, she has handled a number of trainings including PC Operations with Access Technology, Android Accessibility Training, Basic ICT for Teachers and other professionals using Android and Windows, Digital Entrepreneurship Training, General Transcription Training, Digital Content Creation Training, Inclusive Design Training, English Language Communication Training, and disability awareness and sensitivity workshops.

Currently, she holds a certification on Trainer’s Methodology Level I from TESDA, a couple of web accessibility and inclusive design certification from Deque University, and Digital Literacy certification from Microsoft. Apart from being a trainer, she also works as a part-time transcriptionist and web accessibility auditor. She is also involved in the creation of learning materials such as the Digital Literacy
Trainer’s Manual and General Transcription Learner’s Manual. Reading books, writing, teaching, video and audio editing, playing online games, travelling, learning new things, and enrolling to different online courses are the things she enjoys the most.

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