Ijemmer Ramos – Trainer since 2017

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Ijemmer Ramos

Ijemmer Ramos or sir Ije, is a Teaching Methodology level 1 certified and an undergraduate of Elementary education major in Special Education. He started as a trainee of ATRIEV on 2014, attending various trainings such as PC Operations with Access Technology, Android Accessibility for the Visually impaired, and English Language Communications.

He has handled several ATRIEV trainings both center-based and virtual such as Android Accessibility, Introduction to Computer Science, and Digital Business Basics. Aside from being a trainer, Ije is also ATRIEV’s transcriptionists for over three years now and has also assumed the position of team lead for a time.

Ije is interested in learning languages and is good at it. During his free time, Ije loves reading e-books and listening to podcasts.

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